Press Release |May 9, 2014
Fatal Shooting | Officer Stephen Stem

May 9, 2014

I represent Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem concerning his involvement in the fatal shooting of Hearne resident Pearlie Golden on May 6, 2014.
As is customary in officer-involved shootings, the case is being investigated by the Texas Rangers. Officer Stem has fully cooperated with the investigation and has not been accused of any administrative or criminal violations.

After reviewing the initial evidence from May 6, I am fully confident that Officer Stem’s actions were immediately necessary and legally justified given the circumstances created by Ms. Golden. Although the end result was tragic, his actions likely saved not only his own life, but also saved the life of the citizen who called 911 seeking immediate help from the Hearne Police Department.

We understand that members of the community have questions and are seeking a swift, emotional reaction from the Hearne City Council against Officer Stem. As with any case, we hope that cooler heads will prevail and look forward to an objective, professional and thorough investigation by the Texas Rangers. This process will take time. Ultimately, we fully expect that a Robertson County Grand Jury will conclude that Officer Stem acted justly in this case.

Robert M. McCabe
Attorney for Officer Stephen Stem

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