Press Release |May 9, 2014
Fatal Shooting | Officer Daniel Willis

The State’s criminal case against former Bastrop County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Willis is set to begin the week of September 14, 2015.

Mr. Willis is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.  In the early morning hours of February 16, 2014, Mr. Willis and another deputy responded to a 911 call for help.  This call was extremely dangerous in nature, as it involved armed individuals fighting with hammers.  As deputies were responding, the call became even more dangerous, as the deputies were advised one of the subjects was armed with a gun and was loading it.   When Yvette Smith presented herself on the porch of the home, Mr. Willis believed her to be armed with a shotgun and an immediate deadly threat to both Mr. Willis and the other deputy on scene.  Mr. Willis responded by shooting Ms. Smith.  She later died at a local hospital.  The investigation conducted by the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office was incompetently handled and investigators reached premature and false conclusions that led to an indictment for “Murder” being returned against Mr. Willis.

Mr. Willis was doing what he took an oath to do – protecting the citizens of Bastrop County.  Mr. Willis and his defense team are looking forward to a jury comprised of Bastrop County citizens hearing all of the evidence in this case and we are competent that Mr. Willis will be exonerated of all charges.

I look forward to fighting this fight with Mr. Willis, not only on his behalf, but also on the behalf of all of our fine men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives each day to protect us.

Robert M. McCabe

Attorney for Daniel Willis

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