Press Release |September 25, 2015
Fatal Shooting | Officer Daniel Willis

September 25, 2015

***For Immediate Release***

Re: Mistrial in Murder case against Former Bastrop County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Willis

After deliberating for more than two days, a jury of 12 citizens of Bastrop County was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the case against Daniel Willis who was charged with the offense of Murder.

This inability to reach a verdict clearly indicates that a jury comprised of citizens in Bastrop is unwilling to label Mr. Willis a “murderer” for what were his reasonable actions taken while he was on duty, answering a 911 call for service that degraded rapidly into a tense, uncertain, life-threatening situation, culminating in his decision to use deadly force against Yvette Smith.

This division has clearly shown that the case, while tragic, has no place in a criminal court and should be dismissed without further delay by the prosecutor in the interest of justice.

Robert M. McCabe

Attorney for Daniel Willis


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