Press Release |June 23, 2016
KPD | Morrissey

June 23, 2016

Killeen Police Department Sergeant Macaire Morrissey has retained my services to represent him in both his criminal case and administrative case stemming from allegations that he was untruthful to investigators during a sexual assault investigation.

Sergeant Morrissey was fully cooperative throughout the investigation and was completely truthful at all times. Criminal charges were brought against Sergeant Morrissey many months after the alleged misconduct in an attempt to pressure him to abandon his civil service appeal. We are confident that pursuing this criminal case amounts to nothing more than improper selective prosecution.

Chief Baldwin’s findings of misconduct and his subsequent imposition of discipline against Sergeant Morrissey are vindictive and groundless. For years, Chief Baldwin’s handling of misconduct within his department has been arbitrary and problematic.

Sergeant Morrissey is looking forward to a full and fair public hearing where he is confident he will prevail. I look forward to fighting this fight with Sergeant Morrissey, not only on his behalf, but also on behalf of all of the fine men and women of the Killeen Police Department who deserve better from their Chief.

Robert M. McCabe
Attorney for Sergeant Macaire Morrissey


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